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Center Filled Gummy Technology Fill-g
Center Filled Gummy Technology Fill-gFuntrition
Elderberry Powder
Elderberry PowderGreen Source Organics
Fruit Powders
Fruit PowdersBioactive Resources, LLC
Pearl Tomato™ (White Tomato Extract)
Pearl Tomato™ (White Tomato Extract)Vesta Nutra
Herbs & Botanical Powders /Powdered Extracts
Herbs & Botanical Powders /Powdered ExtractsBioactive Resources, LLC
High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder
High Vitamin D Mushroom PowderGuzen Development
PurC® Organic Vitamin C Extract
PurC® Organic Vitamin C ExtractApplied Food Sciences (AFS)
Organic Moringa powder
Organic Moringa powderUnicorn Natural Products Limited
Chewgels - Chewable Soft Capsules
Chewgels - Chewable Soft CapsulesSoftigel
Salmon Collagen Proteoglycan Complex (SCP-II®)
Salmon Collagen Proteoglycan Complex (SCP-II®)Guzen Development
Algae & Marine Powders & Powdered Extracts
Algae & Marine Powders & Powdered ExtractsEcuadorian Rainforest
Eco-Friendly Packaging Portfolio
Eco-Friendly Packaging PortfolioOvernight Labels
Gummies with Mushrooms GummiS
Gummies with Mushrooms GummiSFuntrition
BIO-B7 (fermented Biotin)
BIO-B7 (fermented Biotin)Biosyntia
Pomma+ Pomegranate Extract
Pomma+ Pomegranate ExtractStauber Performance Ingredients
Elastin-FJapan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd.
GoGummy®Golden Omega
Plant-Based Pectin Gummies Pec-G
Plant-Based Pectin Gummies Pec-GFuntrition
AlluloseApura Ingredients, Inc.
M2 Organic Mushrooms
M2 Organic MushroomsStauber Performance Ingredients
Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder 65%
Organic Raw Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder 65%Schalk Mühle GmbH & Co KG
ProbioticsSirio Pharma Co Ltd.
EXBERRY Natural Color Solutions
EXBERRY Natural Color SolutionsGNT USA, LLC.
Beta ImmuneShield™ (Beta Glucan)
Beta ImmuneShield™ (Beta Glucan)Vesta Nutra
NordicCherry Tart Cherry extract
NordicCherry Tart Cherry extractAshland Inc.
CyaninPlus® (Bright Blue)
CyaninPlus® (Bright Blue)Vivion, Inc
Colors & Flavors
Colors & FlavorsFarbest Brands
Plant Proteins
Plant ProteinsFarbest Brands
Roman Chamomile Oil
Roman Chamomile OilSibelius Natural Products
Plant-Based Agar Gummies Agar-G
Plant-Based Agar Gummies Agar-GFuntrition
PET Plant-Based Solutions
PET Plant-Based SolutionsGlanbia Nutritionals
Pomella® Pomegranate Extract
Pomella® Pomegranate ExtractVerdure Sciences
Biozyme: Fermented Vegetable Extract
Biozyme: Fermented Vegetable ExtractJapan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd.
Spinach Powder, Organic
Spinach Powder, OrganicNutralliance Inc.
QuercetinNutralliance Inc.
Immunity - Acerola
Immunity - AcerolaDiana Food Inc.
betamega³ Vegan Algal DHA Powder — Natural Unsweetened
betamega³ Vegan Algal DHA Powder — Natural UnsweetenedAlgarithm
Phyto-C®: Immunity Superfood
Phyto-C®: Immunity SuperfoodFutureCeuticals, Inc.
Contract Manufacturing
Contract ManufacturingVesta Nutra
PharmaGABA™ (GABA) by Pharma Foods International
PharmaGABA™ (GABA) by Pharma Foods InternationalMitsubishi International Food Ingredients
GABA(Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Fermented)
GABA(Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Fermented)Shandong Yangcheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Flavors, Extracts and Distillates
Flavors, Extracts and DistillatesADM
Organic Blueberry Powder
Organic Blueberry PowderGreen Source Organics
Fenuflakes™ - High Fiber, High Plant Protein
Fenuflakes™ - High Fiber, High Plant ProteinNatrusolate
DigeZyme®Sabinsa Corporation
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root ExtractKSM-66
Functional Ingredients
Functional IngredientsBioactive Resources, LLC
Organic CordycepsPrime™ - Functional Mushroom for Immune Health
Organic CordycepsPrime™ - Functional Mushroom for Immune HealthNuLiv Science USA Inc.