Diopower15: Wild Yam Extract


Diopower15 is a wild yam (Dioscorea opposita) extract with no less than 15% diosgenin. Dipower comes from a wild yam called Sanyaku, which has been used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine known as Kanpo before 0AD. Sanyaku can be found written as an ingredient for perennial youth and long life in Shennong Becaojing, the oldest Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants. Studies show diosgenin-rich yam can improve cognitive functions in healthy adults.* Studies have also shown that diosgenin-rich yam can promote healthy levels of sex hormones, lipids and antioxidants in postmenopausal women, while also reducing markers of risk for breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.* Diopower15 is manufactured with the highest grade Sanyaku called Kai-Sanyaku. The Pro-Diosgenin content in the Kai-Sanyaku that is used is 4-8 times higher than normal Sanyaku. Diopower15 is extracted from Kai-Sanyaku using a Japanese patented method discovered by Prof. Gen-Ichiro Nonaka. Most wild yam extracts contain Pro-Diosgenin (saponin), not Diosgenin (sapogenin). However, because Pro-Diosgenin is not very bioavailable, in Diopower15, the Pro-Diosgenin is converted to Diosgenin by hydrolysis making it bioavailable for humans. Diopower15 is standardized for at least 15% Diosgenin content.
Health Conditions
Cognitive Health