Jordan Process’ newest cannabinoid ingredient, CXP (Cannabis Extract Powder) is produced using our proprietary technology to bind the cannabinoid distillates with the organic fibers, allowing manufacturers to easily integrate our ingredients into new or existing natural product lines. CXP is made using nothing but all-natural ingredients and responsibly sourced organic fiber blends to assure that all products meet regulatory requirements and consumer specifications. Our full catalog of products rigorously adheres to all the highest standards for natural and organic-based products. CXP is a sophisticated composition consisting of a standardized full-spectrum oil offered with CBD/ CBG/ and CBN in a variety of different ratios. CXP is offered in a variety of sizes to satisfy every possible application. CXP D5 and G5 are perfect for manufacturing 25mg capsules. Our sophisticated CXP D10 and G10 are ideal to produce 50mg capsules or can be used as a base to blend in other active ingredients to create your own unique finished product formulations. No matter what you're trying to achieve, we have a customized solution designed to accommodate your every need.