Plant Power: Natural Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM · 2 hr. (America/Los_Angeles)
SupplySide Education Series
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Plant-based eating is a red-hot category driven by consumer demand for delicious products that are minimally processed, made from clean label ingredients, and align with their values related to health and wellness, sustainability and econ-consciousness. Brands looking to enter the market or expand their plant-based portfolios will learn how to address clean label demands while improving the nutritional profile, taste and texture properties of products with novel ingredients from nature sourced in a sustainable manner.    

This webinar will cover:    

  • Market trends, consumer demographics, buying patterns and key growth categories.   
  • Discussion of novel ingredients that improve the nutrition profile of plant-based alternatives while delivering on taste, flavoring and texture. Discussion will also include relevant issues surrounding sourcing solutions and supply chain.  
  • CPG fireside chat focused on how brands are rewriting rules for plant-based product launches.