MAGNIFI is a cloud agnostic platform that uses AI and ML powered technology to create new assets from video content in real time.

The company was formed in 2016 by Vinayak S, Saket Dandotia and Alok Patil. Magnifi uses deep learning technologies to meta-tag video content and generate bite sized clips based on pre-identified key parameters (for eg: in Football – goal, save, yellow card etc). The clips are auto-resized and time-optimised to suit different social platforms and can be auto-shared with relevant graphics and bumpers added as per the client’s requirements. The entire process is automated and does not require any manual intervention.

Magnifi offers two options: An API based developer friendly model or a full service easy to use platform solution. The client therefore has the option of choosing an option that suits their specific needs with minimal disruption to their existing workflow.

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