How Crate & Barrel Connects Shoppers with Relevant Products

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 5:45 PM to 6:15 PM · 30 min. (Africa/Abidjan)


Crate & Barrel’s previous search solution couldn’t provide its shoppers with an online search and browse experience consistent with the customer-centric Crate & Barrel brand. Meanwhile, Crate & Barrel merchandisers spent the bulk of their time manually creating and maintaining search rules. The search experience impacted customer retention, loyalty, and revenue growth.

Join this lunch & learn for an interactive chat on how Crate & Barrel partnered with Lucidworks to:

  • Improve search and browse by modernizing the technology stack with ML-based personalization and merchandising solutions;
  • Enhance the experience for both shoppers and merchandisers; and
  • Explore signals to transform the omnichannel shopping experience.