Breakout Session - Advocacy for Movement and Philanthropic Leaders


To access this session, please click on this direct Zoom link.  

Centering Southern Queer and Transgender Black and Indigenous People of Color movement leaders and grantmaking professionals (QTBIPOC), APMPP will work towards shifting the power structure in philanthropy by working outside of the white supremacy culture (WSC) of philanthropy to support movement leaders and grantmaking professionals to dismantle WSC inside of philanthropy through equipping them with knowledge, information, and ongoing direct support. It builds with the theme of reimagining safe spaces in philanthropy. The goals for the session are to engage philanthropic professionals in a workshop about dismantling white supremacist culture in philanthropy, encouraging them to leverage their power to build safer spaces for QTBIPOC in movement spaces and philanthropy. The content is created to engage virtually, with discussions, games, and hard skill shares.