Breakout Session - Black Feminist Philanthropic Leadership for Emerging Philanthropic Professionals


To access this session, please click on this direct Zoom link.   

The panel will hold a transparent and collective fishbowl conversation with Philanthropic Professionals about the importance and complexities of Black Feminist Leadership. The session reflects the theme of R/evolution as we see the unprecedented leadership of Black, Indigenous, queer, trans, disabled, immigrant, women and POC practitioners who are able to assert their political commitment to their communities and to further Black Feminist ideologies of intersectionality. What is left unexplored is the complexity of holding a leadership role in a field that is still dominated by white supremacy. This panel is an opportunity for candor and community for those who are both familiar with Black Feminist leadership and for those who are considering how they might further this analysis in their own work. We will engage the following questions: What does it mean to be a Black Feminist in philanthropy across a variety of sectors? How do folks navigate a commitment to Black feminist leadership in an organization that do not share that commitment? What differentiates Black feminist leadership from more traditional forms of leadership or leadership with other explicit political commitments? How do Black feminists navigate predominantly white Boards, Trustees and leadership? Where do Black feminists in philanthropy find community and support with one another? How does Black feminism show up in your grantmaking? What does it mean to grantmake from a Black feminist lens? What is the future of Black feminist leadership in philanthropy? Given that we would like this to be a warm and welcoming learning and sharing space, we will support participants to connect in breakout rooms with other participants as a way to ensure that they are comfortable enough to join the fishbowl format.