New Media Show Live @ Podcast Movement 2022

Lone Star B
Breakout Session


For almost two decades podcasting has been open and based on really simple syndication (RSS) and when a podcaster publishes a podcast series and podcast episodes it is available to many different podcast listening platforms.

Today, we are seeing growing interest around removing RSS as a default from the publishing and distribution process to enable direct to individual platform publishing - example YouTube publishing/viewing and what it did to video podcasts in the early days of podcasting.

Are we seeing a move towards larger podcast listening platforms adopting more of a YouTube walled garden type publishing and monetization approach and is that the direction we want podcasting to move towards?

Are we ok with an equalized balance between open and closed platform distribution of podcasts whether video or audio?

Should we be concerned that the push towards professionalization and revenue are going to move us more and more towards walled garden siloed and exclusive podcasting platforms?

These large vertical integrated podcast publishing and listening platforms enable deep listener tracking, metrics, demographics and attribution data for advertisers. Is this how the podcasting market will play out with a small number of larger companies? Is that what we all want to see happen or not to podcasting?