Sustainable Construction Materials: Accelerating Analytical Methods, Models, and Means of Manufacturing to Reduce Carbon Footprint and Embodied Energy

Sunday, March 19, 2023 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM · 3 hr. 15 min. (America/Toronto)
Onsite Session
Industry & Manufacturing


Sustainability represents a vital aspect of our modern world, particularly within materials science and manufacturing. Of particular interest are construction materials (e.g., concrete, mass timber, steel, etc.) for which manufacturing exceeds 10 billion tons/year and from which approximately 11% of global CO2 emissions stem. Several key indicators have been promoted to benchmark sustainable construction materials including carbon footprint (CO2e) and embodied energy (GJ/kg or GJ/m2); however, analytical methods and models to empirically and theoretically determine these metrics are immature. To facilitate collaboration across government, academia, and industry, this symposium will highlight the existing scientific and regulatory terminology describing sustainable construction materials, innovative analytical methods to quantify greenhouse gasses associated with their generation and operation, novel techno-economic models used to estimate benchmarking metrics, and emergent green manufacturing strategies. Following the Symposium, a networking lunch will be hosted by the chair at Victory Brewing Company (1776 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy) to facilitate further conversation and discussion regarding an analytical approach to sustainable construction materials.
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Biodegradability/SustainabilityIndustry/ManufacturingMaterial Science
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