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At Fnality, we have been speaking – and listening – to the real users of today’s financial systems. From businesses to banks, there is a clear, collective ambition. They all need a simpler, faster, safer and more resilient system; one that can move and settle money quickly and efficiently, with minimised risk and greater transparency.To make this a reality, Fnality is bringing together a community of passionate people, institutions and partners who have the right mindset with market & technical knowhow. By blending their expertise, creativity and compliance, we have the power to enable a decentralised, distributed financial market infrastructure. Our multidisciplinary team of leaders, innovators and collaborators work in Agile iterations and constantly adapt to new ideas, technologies and challenges. Together, we are creating a network of distributed Financial Market Infrastructures (dFMIs); a collection of next generation payment systems enabling on chain wholesale exchange of value in central bank money.

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