Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH


Where history meets innovation: For more than 250 years, Bundesdruckerei has been developing and producing ID cards, passports, banknotes, high-security features and digital solutions on behalf of the state. As a German government IT security company, Bundesdruckerei Gruppe GmbH bears social responsibility and is particularly committed to Germany’s digital sovereignty. By preserving traditions and fostering innovation, this long-standing company located at the very heart of Berlin knows all too well how to build a bridge between the past, present and future with innovative solutions, products and technologies ‘Made in Germany’.

The subsidiaries of the Bundesdruckerei Group include Bundesdruckerei GmbH with its subsidiary Maurer Electronics GmbH, as well as D Trust GmbH, genua GmbH and iNCO Sp. z o.o. The Group currently employs a workforce of more than 3,000 and in 2019 generated revenue of around EUR 602 million. For more information, go to: www.bundesdruckerei.de.

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