59.Handmade Jewelry - WIRE EARRINGS 24 pcs. & DISPLAY (DSPNY20)


Christophe Poly / Crono Design · Digital Market


This is a COMPLIEMNTARY spinner displays that IS designed to hold a varied and well balanced selection of 24 of our most popular WIRE HOOK EARRING (Y) that show off the ARCHITECTURAL design. They are medium in size and are very LIGHT to wear. The wire hook is SURGICAL STEEL. The metals are BRASS and ALUMINIUM and the stones are made out of GLASS. Our selection and color combination is vast. In a selection we make sure that you have a well balanced variety that includes mostly our popular ANTIQUE FINISH and some in the GOLD, BLACK and SILVER. The glass stones are also varied in a popular assortment. Rest assured that all of your expectations are met to your COMPLETE SATISFACTION. The jewelry is all QUALITY and designed to enjoy for many years to come.
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(24ears. x $16.) = $384.
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