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Enjoy the most trusted water by CLEANSUI. - NSF Independently Tested and Certified We have been cleared by NSF itself so you can see just how effective and safe our filters are. There is a huge difference between being tested and certified by NSF and being tested by a third party laboratory with NSF standards. Cleansui got tested and certified independently by NSF and passed all their strict protocols and standards. - Micro Filtration Technology Our hollow fiber membrane removes 60 different toxins and other foreign substances. A state of the art micro-filtration system called hollow fiber membrane removes 60 toxic contaminants and 99.99% of ANY small particles from tap water as little as 0.2 micrometers including: solid lead, bacteria, algae, fungi, micro-organisms, cysts, parasites, rust, micro plastics etc. - Leaves only the valuable minerals your body needs. Cleansui filter removes a lot of toxic substances and leaves you only the helpful minerals your body needs. Last but not least, it tastes amazing! - Save the Earth with Longer Filter Life For every 42 Gallons of Water that Cleansui filters, you won’t need to use around 300 water bottles which makes it both eco-friendly and financially prudent. - Ergonomic Design Minimal yet easy to handle design. - Best Quality BPA Free. Made in Japan at our own facility.
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