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Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush Brushing teeth is essential to your health so why not make it fun to do with a modern and stylish twist? Consisting of a small compact head, soft bristles, and superior textured and twisted bristle technology HAMICO is both functional and stylish. ・Our 2 bristle types, one long, super skinny and pointed, the other, with a shorter rounded tip, work in tandem. One cleans the surface, the other penetrates deep into crevices. ・Each individual bristle is twisted creating a textured surface. This allows the bristle to clean and remove plaque using all surfaces instead of just the tips. ・The head of the brush is thin and compact. It reaches deep inside your mouth and allows the move more freely. - BPA FREE - FDA Approved - Made in JAPAN - Materials   Handle: Polystyrene   Bristle: Saturated polyester resin
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