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These dinosaurs were *definitely* not hanging out in real life, but in our imaginations, in our hearts, and in our fun novelty socks, they're celebrating Christmas together. RAWR. CONTENT: 65% cotton, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, 5% spandex FIT: mid-calf rise SIZE: fits women's shoe sizes 4-10 / men's/youth shoe sizes 2-8 ADDITIONAL NOTES: This design is available in Men's Socks and Kids Socks. Again, we acknowledge that these dinosaurs would not be decking the halls together, since they are from different time periods and they might eat one another. But here we are, all together now. Dinosaurs featured are: - Parasaurolophus - herbivore, Late Cretaceous Period - Tyrannosaurus rex - aka T. Rex - carnivore, Late Cretaceous Period - Pteranodon - pescatarian, Late Cretaceous Period - Stegosaurus - herbivore, Late Jurassic Period - Brachiosaurus - aka Long Necks - herbivore, Mid-Jurassic Period - Triceratops - aka Three Horn Face in Ancient Latin - herbivore, Late Cretaceous Period - Velociraptor - carnivore, Late Cretaceous Period
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