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Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfeeIvG0nXo See our great show promos in our documents section for our wildly best selling felted wool dryer ball that sells in our stores across all sectors & offers incredible margins (see our SRP below). Very competitively priced. 3 tone natural colour palette. Stands out from the competition as a fair trade product, with density far superior to other balls that leaves stores constantly re-ordering. 3 colour plain set, or patterned balls - including our flower/dot/swirl bundle, or heart bundle. Undyed, 100% natural wool. This eco-friendly, zero-waste, compostable hero of the non-toxic laundry room deserves a cape for good reason. Dryer sheets, no more! Handmade in Nepal. Members of the Fair Trade Federation. Custom designs/branding also available for initial orders 1000+ Benefits: - Reduces dry time 30-50% - good for the environment and utility bills - Non-toxic – All wool and no nasty chemicals - A game changer for those with sensitive skin - Reduces wrinkles, static, & antimicrobial. - Up to 1000 loads (yup!) - Biodegradable &Compostable on retirement - Pair with essential oils which can be added to the balls for customized healthy scents Sell very well with our undyed all-wool natural dog bone toys for an eco-home line. Plain Balls Bundle of 60 3.55 ea Bundle of 120 3.35 ea Bundle of 250 3.15 ea Bundle of 500 2.95 ea Patterned Balls - Flower/Dot/Swirl Bundle Bundle of 60 3.95 ea Bundle of 120 3.75 ea Bundle of 250 3.55 ea Bundle of 500 3.35 ea Patterned Balls - Heart Bundle Bundle of 60 4.15 ea Bundle of 120 3.95 ea Bundle of 250 3.75 ea Bundle of 500 3.55 ea Pricing Tips: We have done the research and the suggested prices below are very competitive. Offer multiple set deals to get big volume. Plain Balls - Singles $9, 1 bundle of 3/$26, 2 bundles of 3/$23, 3 bundles of 3/$20. Patterned Balls - Singles $10, 1 bundle of 3/$28.50, 2 bundles of 3/$26, 3 bundles of 3/$23.
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