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Made with New York maple syrup! Our signature flavor, Silda's Gingerbread Peach Jam, makes an all-natural, vegan treat on, or in, almost anything edible. Distinctive from many other jam makers, we use New York maple syrup as a sweetener. Debuting during the 2018 holiday season, Silda's Gingerbread Peach Jam sold out quickly, creating many die hard flavor fans. It's a holiday classic all year 'round! Try it with biscuits, croissants, muffins, freshly baked bread, waffles, atop pound cake, ice cream or yogurt, alongside cheese and crackers, or right from the jar because IT'S THAT GOOD. Delivered in an 8 oz. glass jar with its own wooden serving spoon. Ingredients: NY peaches, spices, NY maple syrup, lemon, citrus pectin, monocalcium phosphate, and water. Refrigerate after opening.
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