Love | Neon Acrylic Translucent Shadow Box

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LOVE Wall Art, Mirror, Acrylic/Aluminium. Bright, fluorescent glow effect from a vibrant see-through neon acrylic box placed on an acrylic back that gives a fun, unique, modern, sleek look. Sizes: 16x16x2 24x24x2 Color Options: Neon green acrylic box Neon blue acrylic box Neon orange acrylic box Neon pink acrylic box Price: 16x16x2 $199 retail / $99.50 wholesale 24x24x2 $299 retail / $149.50 wholesale Handcrafted in the USA, it will look amazing in any bedroom, modern kitchen, or your kids' room. Lightweight acrylic has an eye-catching reflection and translucency resulting in colors that appear vivid and sharp. Each piece arrives ready-to-hang, only requiring a single wall nail, and this low price makes Art on Acrylic a beautiful and affordable choice for any room even the kids' room.
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