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Our authentic Mari long beaded neckline necklaces are made out of original Maasai glass beads handmade by the Maasai women in Tanzania. We directly work with Maasai women to produce and market high-end beaded jewelry based on traditional beading techniques infused with modern aesthetics. Our beaded long necklaces are created entirely by hand and no two are the same. Variations in size and design may occur. Each piece tells a story. Beaded jewelry is part of the Maasai identity and through our collection, we tell their stories and preserve the traditions of this unique tribe. Maasai women are skilled artisans who are known worldwide for their use of colorful beads. Maasai culture is highly patriarchal and it is the women who are hurt the most by issues of structural inequality. With us working directly with them, they are finally given the opportunity to progress both socially and economically. Our Mari long beaded necklace can be worn at any occasion. It takes an average of 1 day to make one necklace. One size fits all
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