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Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfeeIvG0nXo Our wildly best selling felted wool ball that sells in our stores across all sectors & offers incredible margins (see our SRP below). Very competitively priced. Stands out from the competition as a fair trade product, with density far superior to other balls that leaves stores constantly re-ordering. Plain or patterned balls per photos. Undyed, eco-friendly, zero-waste, compostable. Handmade in Nepal. Members of the Fair Trade Federation. Custom designs/branding also available for initial orders 1000+ Benefits: - Reduces dry time 30-50% - good for the environment and utility bills - Non-toxic – 100% wool. No nasty chemicals - A game changer for those with sensitive skin - Reduces wrinkles, static, & antimicrobial. - Up to 1000 loads (yup!) - Biodegradable & Compostable on retirement - Pair with essential oils which can be added to the balls for customized healthy scents Sell very well with our undyed all-wool natural dog bone toys for an eco-home line. DON'T MISS OUR GREAT DRYER BALL SHOW PROMOS IN OUR DOCUMENTS. Plain Balls Bundle of 60 3.55 ea Bundle of 120 3.35 ea Bundle of 250 3.15 ea Bundle of 500 2.95 ea Patterned Balls - Flower/Dot/Swirl Bundle Bundle of 60 3.95 ea Bundle of 120 3.75 ea Bundle of 250 3.55 ea Bundle of 500 3.35 ea Patterned Balls - Heart Bundle Bundle of 60 4.15 ea Bundle of 120 3.95 ea Bundle of 250 3.75 ea Bundle of 500 3.55 ea Pricing Tips: We have done the research and the suggested prices below are very competitive. Offer multiple set deals to get big volume. Plain Balls - Singles $9, 1 bundle of 3/$26, 2 bundles of 3/$23, 3 bundles of 3/$20. Patterned Balls - Singles $10, 1 bundle of 3/$28.50, 2 bundles of 3/$26, 3 bundles of 3/$23.
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