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My father's briefcase, complex and severe, is cool, but I didn't think it would suit me. For me, who is meeting, studying, and working wherever I go, going back and forth between school and work, studio and cafe. I needed a more convenient and practical pouch. You need to be able to organize your laptop and peripherals, large and small, at once. Sometimes I wish cards, cell phones, passports, and belongings would fit in a compact size. It is light and casual, but the storage capacity and internal structure are solid. I needed a practical 'mine.' I hope you have fun with the texture of the handle, the secret pocket, the color you like, and the witty idea. Put those worries and thoughts in every nook and cranny of the product. A bag that makes the day fun with a witty idea makes convenient pouches that understand the lifestyle and even work efficiency. a pleasant start to the day. Today is Wenziday, a day when something good seems to happen
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