Aran Cable Signature Coat


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100% Merino Wool - Made of pure Merino wool, which is known for its luxurious softness, insulation, and moisture-wicking ability, this cardigan will wrap you up in comfortable breathability and warmth. Aran Stitching - Decorating this coatigan with Irish culture and meaning is stunning Aran cable stitching in a chunky knit that adds breathtaking texture and dimension to this piece. The cable rope and braid patterns signify hopes for success. Raised Collar - Giving this sweater jacket a fun, fashion-forward edge is its raised collar that shows off beautiful cable stitching while warming the neck. Button Detail - Showing off the long length of this coat are large Celtic Knot buttons featuring the Trinty Knot and other types of knots. These buttons come in a versatile silver tone and contrast beautifully with the wool.
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