Sourwood Honey 12 oz Tower


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TASTING NOTES: Bold, complex, with hints of maple and spice. REGION: Southern Appalachian Mountains of GA, TN, and NC PAIRINGS: Perfect for making your own honey mustard or sauces. For a real Southern treat, drizzle some warm Sourwood Honey on a big ol' stack of flapjacks! RECIPE: Bourbon Peach Jalapeno and Sourwood Honey Smash Thank you, thank you, thank you, Southern Appalachian bees, for making this exceptional honey for us once again! It has been a long wait, hasn't it? Last year's crop did not fare well. In fact, Ted called it “the worst crop in memory.” The weather in that region of the United States just plain didn’t cooperate, and Ted was unable to find any Sourwood Honey worth bottling and selling to you good people. But all that is done and gone, and happy days are here again! Get your waffles, pancakes, tea, coffee and whatever else ready. Sourwood is back!
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