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READY TO WEAR AS A PIN OR SEW ON AS A BUTTON! The BUTTON WITH SAFETY PIN is composed of two independent pieces: BUTTON + SAFETY PIN. The Button: It is circular and its size is 3.2cm in diameter and 0.8cm thick, and weighs 4gr. The safety pin: It is golden, of English origin, 6.3cm long and weighs 4gr. The structure of the button has a metallic aluminum body, lined with Italian fabric printed by us and protected with a German UV varnish. The front side of the button is the one with the fabric image and the back side is metallic and has two perforations for a safety pin. Our products are handmade, created in Chile by the artists Dominique Serrano and Patricia Vogel. This product is a reflection of our passion for incorporating art and beauty into our daily lives and sharing it with others. In a responsible and sustainable way, our company creates high quality products, researching and editing a diverse and meaningful visual universe, applied to simple and everyday objects related to clothing. BUTTON TIPS -Although the materials are water resistant, it is recommended to clean by hand with wet wipes. - Includes a safety pin -To use, it is recommended to first pull the safety pin through the garment without the button, then pull the hook through both holes on the back of the button and then pull the hook tip back through the garment before closing it to secure the button. -Avoid putting in the washing machine. In our catalogue you will be able to see all the designs available for the different products; buttons, magnetic brooches and hair bands. We can also customize the prints according to the customer's specifications. We will be happy to assist you if you have any questions!! Visit our instagram @buttonandbrooch to see the full picture!
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