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Let your plants climb in style. Use these functional pieces for your potted babies. These giant trellises will definitely help you create the indoor jungle vibes while adding wall decor pieces. Just install them on your walls and thread your vines through them. Why use a trellis for your plants? Train your plants to climb a unique support Vining plants love support You will see your leaves mature, aerial roots attach and plants stand up straight You can transform your plant into a piece of art Design Inspiration This trellis is inspired by the palm leaf. Each trellis is one of a kind with a unique grain structure that is sure to be a statement piece at your home. How its made? Each trellis is designed and made in USA The trellis is made by laser cutting a 1/4" thick cherry finish wood sheet Each piece is sealed with exterior grade coating for protection against moisture Each trellis comes with installed with spacers to offset the trellis from the walls. The spacers help in threading the vines through the trellis. Product details Dimensions - 27" x 11" Comes with wall tape and hanging hardware that is designed to stick to walls and can be easily removed. Also included is plant ties to help secure vines to the trellis. We care about the environment. You can feel good about making better choices for the environment. We use locally sourced raw materials whenever possible All the coatings are chose to be low VOC and water based All the packaging is recyclable and compostable You can take pride in knowing you are buying local
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