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The Holidays are all about special moments with family and friends. These memories are priceless and are passed down through the generations. Prince of Scots would like to present our Christmas Table Cover prefect for setting the tone for new holiday memories. Made in Scotland on looms that date back to 1900, our Christmas Table Cover is inspired by a Traditional Scandinavian Christmas card sent to the designer of the pattern. The cover shows a traditional, Nordic, festive inspired scene including reindeer, pine trees and small winter animals. The snow lurex adds luminous glimmer of moonlight on the snow to your holiday celebrations. This beautiful mantle scarf or table runner makes a stunning addition to any table during the festive season. Woven in Scotland on Centuries Old Leno Gauze Madras Looms Material 83% Cotton, 17% Snow Lurex with Scalloped Edges Measurements: Runner 15 3/4 Inches Wide x 59 Inches Long Destined to become a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations. Inspired by a Handmade Finnish Christmas Card.
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