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If you have a boutique that support sustainability and art work and want to contribute to preserve embroidery 100% by hands this is the dress for your clients that loves boho style and folklore, for their parties or special occasion, we can customize. If you are Designer we would love to help you embroidery your creations. The dress is coming from the region where we are from, We know this dress is very popular in the world and because we are from Puebla we want to rescue the problematic with selling it, there is a long distances where artisans embroidery these dresses and the mountains, sometimes the prices they give just to survive in their day to day Puebla is not accurate, this happen because they are not considering their time of traveling back and ford, their time they investing embroidery, materials etc, the embroidery is by hand from different places of Puebla(Sierra Madre) is a long process, many women and families enjoy doing these because it can be therapeutic, some families working together, other families working together putting the pieces of the dress and washed before to the consumer. Each embroidery design is one of a kind, and no two will ever be exactly the same, this dress is made on a soft poplin material, durable enough to last through many occasions.
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