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“A must-have product for lazy people, offering smoothness all the way! The two-way classic conditioner that can either be rinsed off or left in! The everyday basic hair care for everyone! Select the use method depending on the degree of hair care required. It is divided into two methods of application, including as a conditioner that must be rinsed off, or as a hair care product that can be left in the hair. The main ingredient is Taiwanese lily! (Offers hair strands with natural moisturizing and repairing functions) It is well-received and widely sold in the Taiwanese market. 98% of the formula is safe and concern-free, which will not cause skin irritation while pampering your hair. W400 x D400 X H1900 mm Outer packaging material : Paper and PET ; Within the material : milkiness SUPERBCUT PRO provides professional sustainable hair products from Taiwan. It is also a member of the 1% for the planet, stressing on gentle caring, providing only the nutrients truly needed by the hair! With its parent brand as SUPERBCUT Hair Studio, the products from SUPERBCUT PRO are developed from hairstyling experts with abundant experience, and selects local plants in Taiwan with sustainable ingredients certified by the EU. Its “Series of Formosa Hair Care” is most recommended and favored by customers!
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