Prince of Scots Premium Hammered Solid Copper Jigger (Gift Box)

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Premium Entertaining Handcrafted polished Double Sided Jigger. The Elegant hourglass shape with precise measurements punched into the body for easy visibility inside the cups will make creating your most simple or esoteric cocktail a visual splendor! 2 ounce and 1 ounce cups soldered together, with 3/4, 1 1/2 ounce and, 1/2 ounce indentations struck into each cup for an accurate pour. Product Description 100% Pure Heavy Gauge Copper Double Sided Jigger. The design is a modern classic for mixing premium cocktails offering sophistication Double Sided Jigger. The Smaller Jigger 1 Once with 1/2 ounce measurement mark. The 2 ounce side has 3/4 and 1 1/2 ounce marks for measurement. The Jigger is a work of art standing at 4 1/4 inches tall. Perfect for elegant entertaining. Hand Wash and Dry. Lacquer Coating to Prevent Tarnishing.
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