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★Features Old habits die hard. Its very important to encourage better posture habits to children. Children today are exposed to many digital devices and since they spend most of their time sitting at school, a good sitting posture is an important habit. They should develop as they grow. A good sitting posture which maintains just the right amount of muscular tension increases children's focus and improves their brain activity as well as they digestion. It also prevents slouched postures and can increae height for growing children. ★Users Children under 12 years old. Curble Wider and Comfy recommended for children over 12 years old. ▪ Perfectly optimized size for children. ▪ Ergonomically designed for a growing child. ▪ Helps children cultivate a good posture habit. ▪ Improves concentration and learning ability through posture training correction. ▪ Hold user's both sides. ▪ Works by leverage effect. ▪ Free size. ▪ For children from 4 to 12 years old.
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