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• The SALIU portable grill for enjoying an easy and delicious time at home • Made in Japan • 2 colors (black or white) • Heat-resistant and highly durable barbecue grill. The deliciousness of a meal hides in the flavor, the sound of ingredients slowly cooking on the grill. It is also healthy since the meat fat drops through the grill net. • The water stove uses water that is poured in the outer container.Washable with water, this is a practical item that doesn’t leave stains or retain odors. This steady portable grill has a good grip and is easy-to-carry. • Comes with tongs and a grid • The Nankaku kiln located in Toki city (Gifu Prefecture) is the best mortar manufacturer in Japan and carefully made these ceramic grills, using knowledge and know-how transmitted since the foundation of the company in 1910. • Size:exterior 220m, height 105mm, inside depth 90m (large) • Warning:Make sure to add enough water.
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