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★Features Curble Chair works by leverage moving effect. Curble Wider's bottom surface is raised up by 35 degrees, making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. At this moment, back supporter of the Curble Chair pushes your waist naturally to make a correct posture. Your coccyx is also lifted naturally to disperse the pressure on the spine and correct the core muscles on your body. Curble Wider is highly durable becaurse it is manufactured in one-piece using the injection molding process. The lumbar support allows the users to stay seated for extended period of time without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. The firm plastic tension of the chair makes the chair a lever that stably supports your back. ★Users Office workers and students who spend extended periods in a seated position. People who have a forward head posture and/or a slouched posture with their shoulders rolled forward. ▪ Strong chair body (High tension plastic chair body). ▪ Rigid support in the back. ▪ Chair bottom 5cm wider than "Comfy" model. ▪ Hold user's both sides. ▪ Deep angle by Hemi-sphere, bottom designed (35 degrees). ▪ Chair edge designed to lift user pelvis to make a good posture. ▪ Works by leverage effect. ▪ Free size and for all ages
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