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PRICE REFLECT SINGLE CAPRICORN TAG NO CHAIN INCLUDED 14k Pink Gold with white diamonds LISTED BELOW ARE WHOLESALE PRICES OF ALL OTHER CONSTELLATION TAGS NO CHAIN INCLUDED 14k Pink Gold with white diamonds Astrological Love You Tags are for women who feel a connection to the universe and the ones they love. Our Capricorn loved ones are known to be independent, ambitious, and responsible. Love You Tags are worn layered on a chain for all the loves in your life. Western Astrology Sign Dates are December 22- January 19. Love You Tags are available in sterling silver with black diamonds, 14k yellow gold with champagne diamonds, or 14k rose gold with white diamonds. The Capricorn constellation pendant notes the stars with .045 carats of shimmering diamonds with a satin finish, high polished edges, and measures .811mm x 12mm x 16mm. Diamond sizes vary from .9mm, 1.0mm to 1.2mm. The constellation pendant hangs on a 1.2mm beaded chain available in 16 inches or 18 inches. The constellation pendant can be purchased without a chain. We think it will make a most thoughtful gift for moms or loved ones. Measurements Pendant .811mm x 12mm x 16mm (size does not include the bail) Chain 1.2mm 16" or 18" Diamond sizes vary from .9mm, 1.0mm to 1.2mm Choice of Materials *SS with Black Diamonds *14k yellow with Champagne Diamonds *14k pink with White Diamonds Tags can be purchased individually or on a 16" or 18" 1.2 beaded chain. Additional Tags can be layered on a chain. ARIES $152.5 TAURUS $207.50 GEMINI $200 CANCER $175 VIRGO $207.50 LEO $200 LIBRA $175 SCORPIO $207.50 SAGGITTARIUS $202.50 CAPRICORN $217.50 AQUARIUS $217.50 PIECES $217.50 Total cost for all tags with 18" chain $2375
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