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Made of Hanji - Korean traditional paper, the Flexible Hanji paper tray reminds us of leaves. The tray is flexible and can be shaped with your hands. The Natural Shellac Varnish ensures the trays are water-resistant and reuseable. It coms in two sizes; medium and small. Hanji Paper : traditional, sustainable, and reusable Hanji is a traditional Korean high-quality mulberry paper. Hanji is also for the modern world: an eco-friendly, harvested material. Trees aren’t cut down. The paper is made from the branches of one-year-old mulberry trees, which grow back. The Hanji trays are varnished with a natural shellac which makes them water-resistant. They can be washed by gently applying running water, or wiped with a wet towel, then dried with a towel and reused. Food Safe The shellac finish is a natural resin secreted by the female lac bug on trees in the forests of India and Thailand. It’s well-known as a non-toxic food safe material. The shellac is vulnerable to heat and so your tray is recommended for use with cold and dry items or foods. Size: 20 X 20 CM Material: Hanji paper, aluminum
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