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Thumbprint Artifacts is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Our products are handcrafted from artisans in South Africa. Our mission is to provide sustainable incomes to our artisans through the sale of their products in the States. Our assortment includes Kapula Hand Painted Candles. These candles are of the highest quality and are perfect for gift giving and for home decor as they are unscented and long burning. There are over 35 different design collections from beachy to modern to traditional. In addition, we have candles for a variety of holidays including: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine"s Day, Halloween and 4th of July! Candles are available in tapers, votives, pillars and cubes. Hand painted ceramics are also available by the artisans at Kapula. We offer a variety of table top options and styles. These pieces are all dishwasher and microwave safe. SoyLites Candles are "more than just a candle". These candles are made from all organic ingredients. In addition to being a wonderful and soothing aromatherapy candle, the melted wax is also a nourishing moisturizer for the skin. These candles come in 3 different sizes and a variety of scents. The line also includes essential oils and wax melts. Godfreys Beaded Animals are a long time treasure! Each animal has it's own personality! The beaded animals, also created in South Africa, are available in key chains, Christmas ornaments and 4"-6" sized decor pieces.
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