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The Proyecto Ensamble “Punk” Sticker Pack contains 6 lacquered stickers alluding to misbehaved characters: The feral cat, Zombie Pizza, The Skull, the Poison Bottle, the smiling poop and the Vintage Fly. Objects designed and manufactured in Chile. Description * Punk Sticker Pack contains 6 super resistant lacquered self-adhesive stickers to stick and decorate whatever you want. * Theme: Punk Rock. Musical genre that emerged in the mid-1970s. This genre is characterized in the music industry for its independent and countercultural attitude. * The pack includes: The Guerrilla Fly, the zombie pizza, the smiling cacuca, the vintage skull, the poison bottle and the street cat. * All our products so far, are designed and manufactured in Chile. With fair trade, in a microscopic company run by women who also like to recycle. * To manufacture the stickers, we use high quality offset printing on a 120 g adhesive paper plus a protective UV coat. The illustrations of the punk rock stickers pack was Libedlulo creation between 2016 and 2018. These drawings are part of her portfolio as the magic graphic designer and illustrator and artist of “Proyecto Ensamble”. All the products part of the Stickers collection created by us, are manufactured in small batches of a few units or limited edition, so we assure you that with them you will be absolutely the most exclusive on the block. These are the funniest, most creative and most interesting stickers that you will find in the region.
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