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Exercise your imagination and manual skills when assembling and intervening the paper toy cactus through collage, drawing and color. These games and activities are designed to awaken the creativity of adults and children, to learn through interaction. Description * Assemble the interactive Cactus San Pedro templates and complete them using colors, drawings and stickers. * Fun activities, includes 3 cacti to build and the base with which you can create a diorama to imagine the best adventures or brighten up that special personal space. * In addition, this interactive set includes activities that awaken the imagination and encourage curiosity and creativity in children and adults. * You can intervene the templates of the Cactus Paper Toy to create majestic scenes, play with them or you can intervene, training your manual and creative skills at the same time. * Fun to play alone and with friends, this set allows adults and children to liven up environments and be entertained for hours. Collect more editions of the paper toys to mix and match the pieces and multiply the fun! * All our products so far, are designed and manufactured in Chile. With fair trade, in a microscopic company run by women who also like to recycle. * For the production of the cacti, we use color cardboard of 120 g and a simple die-cutting. * Cactus San Pedro paper toy includes assembly instructions and there are videotutoriales on our website. Editor: PROYECTO ENSAMBLE Designer: Paula Zuñiga Dimentions: 230mm x 110mm Format: completive pack Release date: August 2020 Language: English Age: 12+
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