Planisferic Astrolabe L.H.V. 200 ∅ - H35

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The Astrolabe is the most sophisticated and beautiful astronomical instrument. Used to measure time, azimuths, and declinations of stars... This astrolabe, called Planiferic (Catholic or European), was set for 40,4º latitude. Its stars and rete were updated, so it´s fully functional. Specially developed by Dr. H.V. for Hemisferium with classic Renaissance design. Note: From the Greek “star searcher” this instrument was introduced in Europe by the Arabs. In Europe, the Astrolabe became an essential instrument for astronomers, astrologers, and surveyors until the end of the 17th century when it was replaced by more accurate instruments. Among other calculations, one can establish the height of the Sun, the planets, and the stars, determine the time, measure heights, calculate distances, and astrological implications.
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