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The “Summer Mr. rabbit” series by Proyecto Ensamble contains 3 illustrated paper templates. Thus everything is ready to assemble the illustrated paper toys. Finally these objects are designed and produced in Chile with love. It is therefore Mr Rabbit series was limited to only 500 pieces that are as unique as well as beautiful. This means you’ll have a one of a kind item that will last you a lifetime. Get it now – once it’s gone, it’s gone. In these series are included the work of many international artists, from places so far as Russia, Europe, USA and also Latin American and Chilean Artists. Paper Totems The rabbit is one of the most notable figures for different cultures. The Aztecs considered them as part of their lunar bestiary and as a representation of agricultural abundance; in the mythology of India and Egypt some gods appear embodied in rabbits. Likewise, is associated with fertility, intuition, agility, ingenuity, speed, shyness and cunning. In addition, the rabbit is a lunar animal that represents immortality and the cyclical renewal of life. Through insight, his instinct and especially prudence (since he knows his own weaknesses) overcomes fear, using contradictions and paradoxes to his own benefit. Finally it is related to time, protection and cycles. Artists These undoubtedly, beautiful paper rabbits illustrated by 35 artists, were exhibited in two art shows. As a result there were 13 illustrations selected to be a part of the “Mr. Rabbit” paper toys edition. And this mini series includes 3 of them. Artists included in the series are: Marmstrongolea; Riccardo Sabatini; Zutto.
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