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・Made in Japan ・This glossy-feel white canister will match any interior, bring a “neat & tidy” touch to your kitchen thanks to its simple and universal design. This canister has braille on it. ・Its lid is made of natural teak wood. This is the most suitable material for kitchen and tableware products since it resists well to water and naturally contains a high-quality oil in its wood. You can also enjoy the uniqueness of the wood that expresses itself in every detail, from the barn to the color of the lid. ・You can keep your seasonings fresh thanks to the silicone that tightly seals for an excellent storage. It was also designed to allow you to remove the lid easily with a light pressure. ・Its bottom has a non-slip silicone, which will take your mind off from any worry about it slipping off and it will also prevent damage. ・SALT/SUGAR Capacity: 350 ml ・COFFEE/TEA Capacity: 500ml For more products, check our catalog!
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