Autumn Mr Rabbit Mini Series by 3 Artists


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The “Autumn Mr. Rabbit” mini series from Proyecto Ensamble contains 3 paper templates, all ready to assemble the illustrated paper toys by great artists. Objects designed and manufactured in Chile. Autumn Mr Rabbit paper toys includes 3 illustrated and pre-folded paper templates to assemble the autumn rabbits. 3 international artists are invited to take part in the publication. It includes a brochure with the information of all the artists published in the Mr. Rabbit series during 2016. All our products so far, are designed and manufactured in Chile. With fair trade, in a microscopic company run by women who also like to recycle. For the manufacture of the templates, we use offset printing on 250 grs coated paper. In addition, the templates are die-cut and pre-folded, ready to fold, glue and assemble. Each template includes guide numbers for the assembly on the front and back, on the other hand we have available instructions both in video and in images . For more information about the series and images of the previous installments visit the post. Finally the artists included in the mini series Mr. Autumn Rabbit are: Ekaterina Ladatko , Mike Fudge and Iván Espinel . The artists of the Mr. Rabbit series of the Seasons collection are part of the works collected and published in the Mr. Rabbit series during 2016, material that was presented in various exhibitions and art fairs.
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