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Series 1 – Original from Proyecto Ensamble contains 9 paper templates ready to build the constructive paper toys, illustrated by great Chilean artists. These teaching and collectible objects are designed and manufactured in Chile. Series 1 consists of a variety of works collected in different instances. The first workshop on TrimarchiDg in 2008 provide a part of them and after that, several Chilean universities workshops. In addition to the website call. Artists Finally we receive 109 works, and published 9 on the first series, while all the others works received, was displayed on the website. The artists selected were: Fiskal, Libedlulo, Nicolás cociña de la marca Chucaro, Paulina Guajardo, Leslie pallero, César Romo, Holly Box, Eduardo Allende, Carlos Velázquez y Vaughan Richardson • Paper Toys Series 1 Original contains 9 illustrated templates to assemble. • 9 invited international artists • Designed and manufactured in Chile. • Printed on 200 grm coated paper. • Die-cut and pleated ready to assemble. • Numbers for assemble and instructions. • For more information and images visit the post. Artists invited for series 1 Original: Fiskal, Libedlulo, Nicolás cociña, Paulina Guajardo, Leslie pallero, César Romo, Holly Box, Eduardo Allende, Carlos Velázquez, Vaughan Richardson
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