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・Made in Japan ・This canister was born from the combination of black clay and glaze. It was designed using the techniques of Kinshogama, a pottery manufacturer in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, and the texture of ceramics. ・The main ingredient of pottery is clay, and depending on the temperature of the kiln and the clay components, pottery can take on a variety of expressions, such as this gentle and warm texture that you can find in our canister. ・These canisters convey the charm of ceramics with their modern colors and elegant logo, that differs slightly from one piece to another, making each of them unique. ・The lid is made of natural teak wood that shows unique barn and color from one product to another. This is the most suitable material for kitchen and tableware products since it resists well to water and naturally contains a high-quality oil in its wood. You can also enjoy a steady-seal to keep your seasonings fresh without worrying about humidity. It was also designed to allow you to remove the lid easily with a light pressure. ・Available in 3 colors: white, blue, black. You can use these canisters according to their logo name on them (coffee, tea etc.). Rice bowls and mug cups from the same collection are also available. ・Some difference in coloration may arise from one product to another. We carefully made these products, focusing on their atmosphere and outlook. Thank you for your understanding. ※ Not suitable in dishwasher, microwave, oven, dryer. ※ A drastic change of temperature may cause damage. Made in Japan Container: ceramic Lid: natural wood Capacity: 420ml
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