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Not only do you wind up consuming pounds of lip care products during your life, there is increasing evidence to suggest that components of topically applied products can penetrate the skin. However, these products are made with few regulations – in the USA, you can legally make a lipstick in your house and sell it. If you’re putting something in your body, wouldn’t you want it to be food? We did, which is why we started our growing line of “food-grade cosmetics” made from fully edible ingredients and manufactured according to standards of both food and cosmetics, in commercial kitchens instead of cosmetic plants. Food-grade Lip Scrub Made with organic ingredients and USDA Certified Biobased (translation: independent labs did carbon radio-decay analysis showing 100% of the carbon is natural) Free of preservatives, gluten, parabens, and sulphates Never tested on animals Made in the USA Packaged in eco-friendlier bamboo and glass
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