WaveBeach 3D Spatial Sound Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


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Wave Beach 3D Wireless Stereo Headphones: The Ultimate Surround Sound Experience “Music creates magical emotions. Without emotions, it is only noise”. If you are looking for the ultimate machine to render musical emotions, you have come to the right place. Xtyle Odeon (XO) has created the perfect headphones for music lovers. Wave Beach 3D wireless stereo headset is setting the standard for a whole new category of wireless stereo headphones, delivering high-end music quality by combining performance acoustic hardware with advanced digital audio software. Music. Emotion. XO. Unbox Beach 3D from its luxurious case and feel how light and comfortable it is. XO has created this masterpiece of timeless design with high precision metal alloy and noble materials. The arch is covered with premium leatherette. Ear cups are rotatable with adjustable sliding arms to fit comfortably over your ears. Notice how incredibly silent your surrounding has become. Beach 3D earcups insulate you from surrounding noise, providing an ultra-high efficiency passive noise cancellation. Discreet Bluetooth control buttons are located on your right side, while the left side can receive a removable 3.5mm jack plug. Wave Beach 3D has been designed for long play sessions and everyday use. With high-quality speakers, headset comfort is a key component of our music listening experience. Beach 3D has generous padding that provides pleasing contact with your ears. It weighs only 6.56 ounces, remarkably light for such high performance. Now plug into your smartphone or connect by Bluetooth and rediscover your music library. As it stands, Beach 3D provides amazing sound quality, in a precisely balanced music equilibrium: Feel the deep bass, enjoy the perfect balance of acoustic, notice the clarity of a lead vocal singer’s voice, you can hear suddenly the crisp details of each instrument. Suddenly, your music becomes richer, and you love it!

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