Mr Bio Eco Friendly Biodegradable Power Pack Universal 5,000 maH on the go solution

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The planet-friendliest charger-Part of its Organic Collection, Xoopar introduces Mr Bio Power Pack is completely environmentally savvy. Both cable and unit enclosures are biodegradable, they are made of a mix of natural wheat and plastic; the braids of the Octopus cable are made from recycled plastic bottles.Its zip-lock packaging is reusable light, compact and fully universal on-the-go charging solution for all smartphones: 5,000mAh, Dual USB power out ports, micro USB and USB type C power in ports, LED charge indicator Versatile, highly sustainable Octopus cable: Dual power in patented technology, power tout to micro USB, USB type C, Lightning in a 5 inch compact and convenient size. Buy responsively! We have designed this product to take the minimal footprint on our planet's precious and limited resources and made it as recyclable, and biodegradable as possible from its design to its end of life. Your purchasing power can make a difference for the planet! 1 Year vendor warranty
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