May You Find Joy - Deluxe Gift Set

Inspirational/Motivational/New Age

May You Know Joy Inc · Digital Market


These beautiful gift sets are designed to help people connect to the joy in their lives. It includes everything they need to create a beautiful daily intention setting ritual. The May You Find Joy mini deck includes 42 cards each offering a simple prompt to connect to joy in this very moment. In addition to the card deck, the set includes a faux birch card stand and a rose quartz crystal to clear the energy and promote self-love and healing. The set comes with an intention setting card & is enclosed in a white organza draw-string bag. These cards inspire mornings, yoga, meditation, journaling, conversations and everyday life. These cards are popular at spas, wellness retreat centres, bookstores, spiritual stores, housewares/gifting stores and yoga studios. They are perfect for inclusion in gift baskets and subscription boxes. They are also an inspirational and effective point-of-sale purchase.
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