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This beautiful mini deck is designed to inspire your mindful living in recovery. In recovery, we learn to choose ourselves and take the best next step to nourish ourselves and create our lives on purpose. With 9+ years in sobriety and many years of teaching intentional living, I created these simple cards to be supportive guides along your recovery path. It is the simple things we do consistently that have a profound and transformative effect over time. Ways to use and share these cards: • This is a great way to start a beautiful, daily self-care practice • Choose a card and have its message inspire your most mindful intentional living for the day • Use the card for journaling, meditation and self-reflection • Use these cards in group and retreat settings to inspire mindful conversation • These cards also make a thoughtful gift for someone navigating recovery This mini card deck contains 42 affirmation cards. A portion of all sales will be donated to recovery initiatives.
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