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The May You Know Gratitude deck is a beautiful mini affirmation card deck that is designed to inspire your daily gratitude practice. Each card will encourage you to look at different aspects of your life and explore what you are grateful for. Creating a daily gratitude practice is simple and powerful daily ritual. A regular gratitude practice can help you in some significant ways: • It is a beautiful self-care practice • Being grateful helps us see the good in the world and create a positivity loop actually re-wiring your brain • Being grateful reduces stress • It also has helps you create feel-good neuro-chemicals • In a nutshell, gratitude is great for mental, physical and emotional well-being Ways to use and share these cards: • Pull a card daily and notice what you are grateful for • Use the cards as part of a daily journaling, meditation or other mindfulness practice • Pull cards with family and friends to create meaningful conversations • These cards are the perfect thoughtful gift • These cards are also a perfect thank you gift for someone special This mini card deck contains 42 affirmation cards.
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